Does employee experience drive productivity?

Jamie Sharp

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The short answer is YES! Research has shown that over a third of employees admitted they’re productive for less than 30 hours a week in a recent study we conducted with over 3,500 workers. In fact, there are common themes in the research on what a “great workforce experience” means for employees, and, as a result, what gets them working.

HR professionals are working hard to lead this cultural transformation, but they can’t do it alone. Ultimately, it comes down to whether your business is a “people company.” For example, are you an organisation where your people are the most valuable asset, and where company success is dependent on their workforce being successful?

As always some of the most simplistic changes make a huge difference.

Offer flexible and remote working

  • 81% of employees polled placed importance and value on flexible working.
  • Today, thanks to mobile technology, employees are often working longer hours, and on occasion weekends too. Yet the traditional model of being in the office 9-5 remains the same.
  • We’re in the middle of a global war for talent – and it’s a war that companies who offer flexible working to employees I believe will win.

Show employees you value and recognise them

  • 66% of respondents said this was important, workers aren’t fussed about quirky benefits or company outings. They just want their employer to say: ‘well done’. They want to feel that their company values the contribution that they’re making to the business.
  • Ironically this costs nothing and yet we are guilty of overlooking individuals.

Support worker wellbeing

  • Businesses are recognising that well-being is climbing the list of priorities. Whether its offering subsidized gym membership, providing free fruit or ensuring there is mental health support in place.
  • Demonstrating at a wider level that the company values employee’s health and wellbeing through an instilled culture is becoming an expectation, this is something that companies need to pay attention to.

Ask employees for their views… and respond

  • Just 12% of employees we spoke to are asked on a regular basis what would improve their experiences at work. Almost half (47%) had never been asked at all.
  • Just make sure that you demonstrate you’re listening by communicating what and how you’re changing. We cannot be expected to meet every demand but to acknowledge and be transparent about the rationale of implementing some ideas over others.
  • Retaining talent is key and whether that be you offer flexible hours or invest in a games room, the better an employee’s experience at work, the more engaged and productive they will be benefitting the business.
Research,, January 2018

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