Award Winning Recruitment on Demand Service.


Can you provide consultants with functional and industry expertise?

Yes, we have a number of consultants with varying industry and function specialisms.  

Does the model operate outside the UK?

Yes, the model can work outside the UK. We have successfully delivered this service to Europe and USA utilising a recruiter based in the UK.

Can I create a project team by engaging recruiters with different levels of experience?

Yes, you can tailor a team to meet the needs/requirements of your business.  

Can you manage internal candidates, agencies and contractors?

Yes, those all form part of the service on offer to you. 

Can we utilise your ATS /systems and are there additional charges associated with this?

Yes, you can utilise our ATS/systems with no additional charges to the monthly project fee.  

Can the service be delivered on site and remotely?

In most cases, our clients are utilising this service remotely, given the agility of collaborative technology and office space being at a premium. However, our Recruiters and Business Partners are available for regular on-site meetings, should you require them to be.   

What notice period is required to freeze or switch off the service?

Month 1 - 3 = 1 week notice
Month 4 onward = 1 month notice 

What is the minimum contractual period?

Our minimum contract period is 1 month.

Can we engage a Resourcer/Recruiter/BP on a part time basis?

Yes, this would need to be qualified per individual enquiry. Please get in touch to discuss further, should a part time solution be something you are considering.  

Who sets the expectation / objectives of the service?

Expectations/objectives will be identified, and a recruitment/talent strategy will be agreed/defined, with final approval from you.  

How will you measure/monitor success of the project deliverables?

Prior to going live with your project, we will agree to clear, defined objectives. We then monitor these through our own software as well as regular reporting from the dedicated Resourcer/Recruiter/Business Partner. These reports are then periodically shared with you.  

Does this service have IR35 implications?

No, it does not. it is best to think of it as anti-avoidance legislation that the government’s established to help combat disguised employees. These are contractors who are working through limited companies, but still work like permanent employees for their clients. Due to the nature of the service and the fact that all Resourcers/Recruiters/Business Partners are employed by eSift Ltd, this service sits outside of IR35 legislation.  

Who manages and directs the individual?

For IR35 implications, we will manage and direct the individuals engaged on your contract, to ensure that our service continues to remain outside of IR35. However, we would work in partnership to agree objectives and priorities.   

What happens if we wish to engage the individual directly?

Should an agreement be made between the consultant and yourselves for them to join you on a permanent basis and move away from eSift, a placement fee will apply. This would equate to 25% of the salary offered to the employee.  

Where will data be stored and what are the GDPR implications?

Once we’ve identified which systems are being used by you, we can define a tailored approach to ensure all GDPR requirements are met.  

When do you bill for the service?

At the end of each calendar month (or at the end of the contractual period, should it fall within the month).  

Are there set up costs?

Included in your monthly fee is a complimentary half day for handover, training on systems, objective setting.  

Any additional costs?

Travelling expenses (mileage, public transport, overnight stays, meal allowance) will be an additional cost and claimed where required and authorised.
(Should advertising/social media be required to promote roles, we would be happy to calculate and agree an appropriate package).