Canine companions in our workplace.

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Let’s all paws for thought. Can introducing our canine companions into the workplace benefit us?

Currently, 8% of the UK population are bring their canine friends into the workplace each day, due to companies introducing new policies to enhance the working environment.

Brands such as BrewDog, a Scottish brewery who grant employees one week paid ‘puppy paternity leave’. Nestle who have a dog-friendly car park and two dog gardens, and WeWork, who have a ‘bring your dog to work’ agreement.

So why are companies deciding to introduce our canine friends at work, and how can this benefit us?

Aid better connections and relationship building

Dogs are natural social facilitators, with a power to bring people together. They can aid cohesion and help to build and maintain relationships, something which is particularly important in the workplace environment.

Health benefits

Dogs have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety levels in the workplace just by interacting with them for a few minutes. This is because stroking a dog stimulates the release of the relaxation hormone in the human body.

Help us focus on the present

Due to their dependent nature, they prompt us to focus on the present moment. If your dog needs a toilet break for example, you must take them outside. This means you take a screen break and will therefore return to your desk feeling refreshed and re-focused.

There are many factors that you must consider before introducing your dogs into the workplace, some of these include:

Well trained

It is essential that any dog coming into the workplace is properly trained and understands the basic commands such as sit, come and down.

Workplace hazards

The office must be clear of any potential hazards that pose a threat to the dog’s health. By moving small object, properly storing away food and ensuring bins are out of reach, dogs can wonder free and safe.


It is essential to pack some basic supplies to make them feel comfortable in the workplace. They should also have access to fresh water throughout the day.

There are many other factors to consider before bringing dogs into the workplace. If these rules are followed correctly, employees can all enjoy the benefits of having our furry friends at work.

Sadly, not all companies are able to allow dogs into the workplace for reasons such as allergies or health and safety. However, there are still several ways to decrease stress and increase productivity at work. Click here to read our blog on employee well-being.

For more information on the well-being benefits of having dogs at work and advise on how to introduce them into the workplace, visit the source below.


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