Laughter in the workplace.

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Laughter is a powerful expression. We all remember those times as a child where we laughed so hard, we could hardly breathe.

That doesn’t have to stop the moment we step into our place of work. More companies these days are now embracing that fact that laughing is contributing to the success of the culture, increasing productivity, employee engagement and promoting well-being.

We have all heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”. So, what can we do to implement this into the workplace?

Team Suggestion Box

Collect suggestions from employees with simple ways to create an enjoyable working environment

Get Management and Leaders On-board

Laughing is contagious. By leading with laughter, you can make your employees feel more comfortable and confident, creating an environment where laughter can spread.

Internal Intranet

Create a specific page on the internal intranet, dedicated to humorous jokes, videos and quotes etc

Team Building Exercises

Create a weekly office or team competition like a hula hoop challenge. Not only does this create an environment where we can laugh, it also gets us up on our feet and way from our desk

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour”. Charles Dickens

Along with uplifting the office culture, increasing productivity and employee engagement, laughter can also have a positive impact on our physical health. It helps to boost our immune system, decrease pain, improve our mood and protect us against the effects of stress.

How does laughing affect our physical health?

  • laughing causes us to take in large amounts of air, oxygenating our blood
  • When we laugh, our body releases the feel-good hormone endorphins, increasing our mental well-being
  • Laughing is good for the heart, increasing blood circulation and lowering our blood pressure
  • Laughter decreases the stress hormones in our body, allowing us to relax and focus

Not only does implementing laughter into the workplace have a positive impact on our employee’s mental and physical well-being, it also contributes to employee success and personal satisfaction, which in hand attracts more diverse talent and helps to retain loyal employee’s.

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