We walk the talk – eSift and HorrexCole take on “It’s a knockout”

Jamie Sharp

Writer & Blogger

We recently posted a blog on how employee experience drives productivity which discussed the issue of showing your employees that you value and recognise them! Well, we put that theory to the test…

eSift and HorrexCole took their employees to Bournemouth this month to attend a corporate “It’s a knockout” day. We were competing against 15 other teams and the main aim was to work as a team to achieve the most points – simple really!

Organising an event of this nature resulted in such positive energy from the team, both before and after. With branded t-shirts designed for the event, we finished off with fish and chips on the beach!

This was a low investment but a prime example of how something so simple can make your team feel valued and recognised.

The challenge now, is what do we do next – any ideas?

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