Think Happy, Be Happy.

Jamie Sharp

Writer & Blogger

“Positive thinkers tend to be happier.” (Scott, 2018) but sometimes it’s easier said than done, especially when under work pressure and stress. Boosting your own mental wellbeing will have a positive effect on both your working and personal life.

Today is international Positive Thinking Day so keeping that in mind, we have found three apps which are all centered around positivity and happiness, free to download from the app store.


This app was created by experts and includes games and activities that help you to become happier, more optimistic and even change your thought patterns. 86% of users felt more positive after using the app regularly for two months. (Scott, 2018) The app allows also users to set goals which can be self-monitored.

Mindfulness Daily.

Having a mindful daily routine can boost mental wellbeing and positivity. Mindfulness daily is an app that can be tailored to integrate mindfulness practices into your daily life. The app supports quick, effective guided practices to reduce stress and anxiety, improve performance, and enhance sleep.


The Reflectly app is the world’s first intelligent journal with happiness being its core value. It utilizes artificial intelligence to help structure and reflect upon daily thoughts and the data that is gathered from the use of the app is used to design audio sessions to cater for the needs and problems that users talk about. (Farmbrough, 2018)

Remember, positivity is contagious! Let’s spread some positive thinking around the workplace today!


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