Morale – The energy of success.

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Morale – the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person.

Having positive morale in the workplace has a significant effect on the overall performance well-being and success of any employee, department or organisation.

You can’t give an employee positive morale, but as an employer you do play a major role in the environment that contributes to positive morale.

Factors such as the effectiveness and quality of managers, the interaction managers have with the team and the way employees interact all contribute to a positive environment.

It’s not just managers that have a role in maintaining a steady healthy connection. In order to maintain a positive environment, everyone must be transparent with one another.

Morale is a state of mind. It is steadfastness and courage and hope.

George C. Marshall

Ways in which we can change the environment we work in to encourage positive morale.

Give recognition. Everyone likes to receive positive recognition when they’ve put effort into a task or project. Something so simple can go a long way in boosting positive morale.

Collect feedback. Collecting feedback from employees can be invaluable information into the current workplace environment. By collecting feedback, you learn how employees feel and the ways in which the environment can be improved.

Help them grow. show a genuine interest in employees. Understand what their personal goals are and assist them in achieving their desired goals. Employees will feel an incredible morale boost once they reach their goals and feel confident they’re receiving the support they need from managers. this will create loyal employees and investment well sent on personal development.

Everyone has a part to play in maintaining a healthy workplace environment. But remember, people are the most important resource in an organisation. If you take care of your team, your team will take care of business.

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