eSift partner with Trisha Barker to run a DISC profiling day for all employees….

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eSift work in partnership with Trisha Barker Coaching and Consultancy for all psychometric needs.  Trisha has used psychometrics for over 20 years whilst leading HR teams in some of the largest FTSE 100 companies in the UK and she believes that all businesses should embed DISC as part of their standard recruitment process.

After working with Trisha for over 6 years, it was finally time for the eSift team to have their DISC profiles completed and Trisha kindly hosted an interactive session with both teams in our new offices!

The day started with Trisha explaining what DISC is and how it is correctly and incorrectly used within business. This included several interactive conversations and team activities that got everyone working together and communicating effectively! This was followed by a competition in which 4 teams competed to construct the tallest tower out of spaghetti to support a marshmallow!

Trisha finished by identifying everyone’s personality profiles and explaining what this meant to them as an individual. This was completed as a team event, so everyone knew each other’s personality type and it has proved so powerful within the eSift team.

It has made us all aware of the different personality types that you can work with on a day to day basis and without even realising it, how you can be perceived by a different personality type.

We would highly recommend an interactive DISC profiling day with Trisha Barker, it can do wonders for boosting team morale!

For further information on DISC, please contact Trisha on or 07969313585.

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