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How an “Escape Room” can reveal your business leaders

Whether you be a team within an FTSE100 or an SME I never thought that something could be so much fun.


Does employee experience drive productivity?

Research has shown that over a third of employees admitted they’re productive for less than 30 hours a week.


How much should AI contribute to the recruitment process?

We all know that developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation in a recruitment process can deliver benefits and disruption! A survey by Deloitte last year found that 33% of businesses are already using AI at some point in the recruitment process, and this number is set to increase in 2018 and beyond. Three-quarters of…


We walk the talk – eSift and HorrexCole take on “It’s a knockout”

We recently posted a blog on how employee experience drives productivity which discussed the issue of showing your employees that you value and recognise them! Well, we put that theory to the test… eSift and HorrexCole took their employees to Bournemouth this month to attend a corporate “It’s a knockout” day. We were competing against…

Why does transparency matter to the Millennial Workforce?

Today’s digital world continually brings new challenges for businesses and with the wide range of technology tools that have been created to help drive productivity. Many leaders would argue, however, that the answer to future-proofing their business lies not just in optimising productivity, but also in the talent that makes up those teams. In other…


Is there enough focus on employee benefits?

Look at most research on rewards and the focus is on pay. Such topics as executive remuneration, merit pay or sales-based incentives predominate. Similarly, a lot of public policy attention is given to such issues as CEO pay, minimum pay or public sector pay. However, when it comes to employee benefits, there is little research…