Best Career and Leadership Podcasts

What are you listening to today?

We have collated five of the best career and leadership podcasts to help you reach your goals and give you that boost of motivation. Listening to a podcast can help you maximise time, as they allow you to continue with other tasks. In addition, as obvious as it sounds, they are also a great tool to improve your listening skills and help engage the mind.


1. The Tim Ferriss Show. The number one business podcast on iTunes. The podcast deconstructs the careers of successful individuals to find tactics that can be applied to your own working life.

2. Tara Brach. Podcasts to relax, re-frame and re-think. Tara is a western teacher of meditation with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her podcasts focus on meditation, de-stressing and ways to focus at work.

3. Michael Hyatt. Weekly leadership lessons for lasting success. A former publishing CEO advises how to boost your career including how to escape perfectionism, and delegate effectively.

4. The Broad Experience. A podcast with frequent features on women in the workplace. Aims to discuss the issues faced by modern women at work and also touches on topics such as race, sexuality and class.

5. Graduate Job Podcast. A weekly podcast, focusing on graduates who are job seeking. Features inspiring authors, graduate recruiters and career coaches sharing their expertise and advice.

So, why not give one of these a listen on your next commute to work!