7 trends that will take over business in 2020.

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2020 is nearly upon us. As one year comes to an end, another one begins. That means it’s time to start thinking about a New Year’s Resolution.

When employees return rested and ready to work after the Christmas period, bosses have the chance to start the new year with a new set of business resolutions.

So, what trends look set to transform the corporate landscape in 2020?

Employee monitoring

In 2015, only 30% of companies were using monitoring techniques, which looks to grow to 80% in 2020. While 10% of employees were comfortable having their emails monitored back in 2015. Employees rightfully raise privacy concerns, so transparency is important.

The rise of employee activism

This trend has been gaining momentum through 2019; Google repeatedly made headlines for the prospects of its employees, whilst Amazon and even Sainsbury’s have experienced similar issues. 38% of employees report having spoken up to support or criticise their employers’.

How voice is activating the workplace

LinkedIn recently carried out a study with Oracle, that found that half of people have used AI voice in their house, 31% in their car, 25% at their desk and 18% in meetings. Companies are already testing AI voice in the workplace to help simplify routine tasks.

The hiring of retirees to fill the skills gap

Two-thirds of companies have hired a retiree while 20% have never hired a retiree. Companies are taking people out of retirement who have in-demand skills out of necessity in a way they haven’t in the past. The fastest growing demographic in the workplace are those aged 65 or older with 10,000 of them turning retirement age each day.

The new role of a manager

Currently, managers spend 54% of their time during the workday on administrative tasks, 10% of their time on strategy and innovation and only 7% on developing talent and engaging with stakeholders. With the introduction of AI voice into companies, those administrative tasks could be completely automated, giving managers more time to work on more important initiatives.

Therapy in the office

Mental Health continues to become a growing concern, with 50% of Millennials and 75% of Gen Zs having left a job due to mental health concerns. Goldman Sachs are training dozens of UK staff to be mental health first aiders who can spot colleagues suffering. The UK is leading the way when it comes to supporting mental health with protections under the Management Health and Safety at Work Regulations Act of 1999.

Purpose and meaning at work

A study carried out by PwC found that 79% of leaders think that purpose is central to business success and Gallup found that 41% of employees want to know what a company stands for. As a response, PwC hired a “Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer” to support the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts. 

Source: https://bit.ly/2PZFFeh

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