5 Ways to Overcome Creative Block

Jamie Sharp

Writer & Blogger

Everyone has days where we struggle to think creatively and concentrate on a particular task. Below are five tips to overcome a creative block and help you to re-focus on the task in hand.


  • Relax

It sounds obvious but taking a moment to relax and de-stress can really help a mental block. Move away from your desk and take deep breaths to regulate your breathing.


  • Change your environment

The easiest way to refresh your head space and gain an alternative perspective is to change your environment. Relocate to working in isolation or move from an office chair to a sofa.


  • Try again later.

Having a break from the task will also help clear the mind. Complete some lesser tasks such as admin and then try again. Taking some time away before re-visiting a task will aid productivity.


  • Research

If you are struggling with a particular task, it might be due to the fact you have not carried out enough research. Taking a step back to research around the topic could help you think of new ideas and overcome the mind block.


  • Ask for someone else’s perspective

A different perspective can often help to move things forward. Ask a trusted colleague to give their input and perspective, which may offer a breakthrough.



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