10 important ways data and technology are transforming HR

Jamie Sharp

Writer & Blogger

In any sane world, Human Resources would be central to business strategy. For most organisations, people are both the biggest cost and the biggest influence on performance. Getting more from your people is a direct route to success.

But in practice, even forward-thinking HR leaders can find themselves held back from this strategic role, by three main factors:

  • HR colleagues are frequently dragged away from strategic activities into day-to-day transactional and ER work.
  • People data is too vast, or not granular enough, to gain meaningful insights; it’s useful only for benchmarking.
  • It’s difficult for HR to prove that it helps the business to achieve its strategic objectives, beyond basic cost-cutting.

These challenges are interconnected. If HR leaders can’t prove their strategic impact, it’s difficult to make the case for investment in new processes and systems that can give the insights to spot improvements, and the tools and bandwidth to deliver them. It’s a Catch-22.

Here are ten important ways that we see technology and data changing HR, right now.

Innovative technologies giving HR the bandwidth to work strategically…

  • AI can screen, rank and match CVs to a role, cutting cost per hire by 71%
  • Chatbots can ease the pressure of repetitive HR inquiries – saving hours per day
  • VR can cut travel time to interviews, meetings, and reviews
  • Automation is helping to strip out duplicated and repetitive work
  • Agile management systems could finally unlock the benefits of flexible work
  • Data science is enabling HR to get proactive on absenteeism
  • Mobile apps are closing time gaps in performance management
  • Employees’ experiences as tech consumers are increasing expectations at work
  • Data and technology skills are increasingly necessary for HR teams
  • Overlaying people data with function data is the key to finding value (and proving it)

Source – https://bit.ly/2BYn5fV


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