Recruit and Retain


A fair approach, reflective of the way resourcing is successfully carried out today.  One fee, unlimited talent.

If you are a business that is growing or has number of similar roles now or in the future, our campaign led solution will really work for you.  It offers a fair and reasonable way to build an unlimited pool of talent for just one fee.

Why should you have to pay more if you choose to hire more than one person from the same shortlist? 

We would love to explain how for one fee you would own all of the talent we supply, with a guaranteed minimum of one placement per campaign.

Here’s how it works:

This example illustrates how a campaign led approach can work for multiple hires. Each approach will use a full front-to-end recruitment process

  Contingency Campaign Led
Role Java Developer Java Developer
Salary £60,000 £60,000
Requirement 3 hires 3 hires
Process to present a shortlist
of 5
Complete end-to-end recruitment process Complete end-to-end recruitment process
Fees when 3 successful hires are made from a shortlist 3 Fees 1 Fee
Cost saving N/A 2 Fees

 You pay for the work we do, not for the work we don’t

  • Build future talent pools
  • Select & engage as many candidates from the talent provided, no extra fees
  • Advertising across leading job boards and online media
  • Minimum of 1 placement
  • Direct applicant management
  • Exclusive agreement
  • Improve time-to-hire
  • Complete front-to-end recruitment process

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