Monthly Direct Resourcing


Enhance the effectiveness of your in-house team

The front-end piece of the recruitment process is hugely resource intensive, leaving in-house teams ‘time poor’. All too often in-house teams are fighting the fires with little or no time to focus their efforts on where they can make a bigger difference, such as stakeholder management and internal processes.  Our Monthly Direct Resourcing Solution can change all this.

Through a trusted partnership, your in-house team would be supplied with a constant stream of qualified candidates, continually resourcing for your live roles as well as succession planning.  Removing the labour intensive and time-consuming front-end piece of the resourcing process; attraction, selection, qualification, screening.  You remain fully in control of the process carried out by your dedicated team and it is carried out to your standards. 

We would love to discuss how a team of our experts could act as an extension of your in-house team and transform your recruitment.

Here’s how it works:

This example illustrates how a known monthly fee could benefit your business.

  Contingency Monthly Direct Resourcing
Number of roles 100 per year + attrition Unlimited
Placement Fees 15% per hire No placement fees, one fee per month
Rebates Yes None, replacement


No Yes

Liberate your resources to where they matter most and transform the way you recruit

  • Monthly retained fee, know your costs and control your budget
  • No placement fees
  • Dedicated resource team
  • Fully scalable
  • Continuous sourcing of passive talent
  • Talent attraction
  • Full control of the process
  • Resourcing under your brand
  • Full accountability and reporting
  • Reduce or eliminate agency fees
  • No increase to headcount
  • Highly flexible to support growth and change
  • Decrease time to hire
  • Streamlines in-house process
  • 3 or 6 month pilot available

 Professional Reliable Honest Committed Respectful Passionate