Does exceptional candidate care rank highly enough on your direct sourcing strategy?

As the competition for the best talent continues to increase, ignore candidate care at your peril! Have you considered how the candidate experience with your business is impacting your reputation and your success in both attracting and retaining the best talent?

Here are the serious facts to consider:

From announcing a new job opening through to onboarding a new employee, exceptional candidate care is vital at every step.

82% of employers think there’s little to no negative impact on the company when a candidate has a bad experience during the hiring process.[1]

More than half of employers respond to less than half of the candidates who apply[2]

Most candidates expect an automated reply acknowledging their application, the majority (84%) also expect a personal email response and 52% expect a phone call.[3]

89% of jobseekers believe feedback is really important during the recruitment process, with 75% of them placing strong emphasis on positive feedback.[4]

58% are less likely to buy from a company to which they’ve applied if they don’t get a response to their application; 69% are less likely if they have a bad experience in the interview; and the same is true of 65% if they didn’t hear back after an interview.[5]

69% of candidates are more likely to buy from a company to which they’ve applied if they are treated with respect throughout the process.[6]

Candidates are increasingly taking to Social Media to share bad experiences of hiring organisations or hiring managers which can negatively impact on your employer brand.

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  • So, what can you do to improve your candidate care?
    Communication is key to success! This is the No.1 problem from the very beginning if there isn’t any!  It’s not enough to generate an automatic email saying you’ve received the CV.  Inform the candidate of the process and how long it will take for them to hear an answer. Whether it’s yes or no, it doesn’t really matter, it’s nice to know.  Non generic feedback is also good practice, should they be unsuccessful from the outset.
  • Always use human influencing skills. Engaging with candidates in a non-automated way from the outset is important. Actually SPEAK to candidates rather than using texts, emails and digital communications. Digital is important, but it is not always best. Choose the right medium for communication.
  • Continuous and effective communication throughout the process is comforting to candidates and putting the human factor back into recruitment in a very automated online world could make the difference when engaging someone who maybe reluctant to leave a current role, have alternatives on the table or considering a counter offer.
  • Gauge your performance in candidate care by giving all candidates successful or unsuccessful a short survey following their experience with your business. Candidates who feel they’ve been treated fairly by your company – whether they’re hired or not – are bound to give your company’s employment brand positive marks and be solid sources for future job openings and referrals. Only 31% companies ask candidates for feedback, so this simple step could make you stand out from the crowd
  • Ensure candidate care reflects your company brand as an employer of choice and project the best company image at all times. This ensures a potential employee can understand the uniqueness of the business, products or services and the benefit of coming to work for you.
  • Optimise your interview process. Ensure the prelude to interview is concise and efficient. Do not make the experience painful, procrastinated or nerve wracking. Conduct an interview which fits the role with the right amount of people in attendance.  Consider including a conversation pre-interview to reduce the nerves and pressure of the situation and get the very best from your candidate.
  • Full and informative feedback following an interview is essential regardless of it the candidate is successful or unsuccessful.
  • Provide comprehensive pre-start information. This is a valuable way to welcome a new recruit into your business in a warm and exciting way, it also gives them a chance to get a feel for the business and what to expect increasing motivation and engagement from the outset.
  • First day experience and induction should also be considered as the first impression which will stay with the employee and set the tone of their career with you. There is never a second chance to get this right from day 1!

Candidate care is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to build your employment brand, your network of prospective candidates and referrals - does it sit high enough in your Direct Sourcing Strategy?