The eSift Story


Our story starts in 2008 when the recruitment landscape looked a little different than it does today. Through the last 8 years we have developed our ability to evolve with the needs of our clients as a true recruitment partner.

Since launch by our founder Geraldine Cole, we have approached our industry sector with both a client and candidate service focus, an emphasis on communication and delivering on expectation.  We are not going to pretend that it’s been easy, in fact this can sometimes be a challenge in a people focused business.  However, our approach has and will always retain the ‘human factor’, which we believe is an absolute requirement in an ever technology driven recruitment landscape.

Due to our ethics, values and the ethos of ‘getting it right’ rather than simply ‘getting it done’, we have retained our key clients over the years and what’s more we have retained our core team.  This gives us consistency and speaks volumes as to our ability to engage talent for our clients and represent their brand to the standard they expect.

Today we have evolved into a recruitment business that has established itself as a leader in resourcing innovation. We now work with some of the largest globally recognised corporations and brands.  A testimony of our commitment to providing a ‘best in class’ service at the highest level.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of your resourcing process that could be enhanced or is proving a challenge, we’d be delighted to understand and provide a bespoke solution to your business.


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