Are you adapting your Direct Sourcing Strategy to adapt to the current climate?

The recruitment industry has always been a dynamic one, with sociological and economical changes impacting the expectations of both employers and employees. Innovation is crucial to success. For any organisation, new ways of attracting and retaining a pool of talent are fundamental as part of a direct sourcing strategy.

Here are just a few things to consider:

  • The market has shifted in favour of the candidates! It is more competitive than ever
  • Candidates expectations have gone through the roof – expecting much more from both recruiters and organisations
  • Resources need to be funnelled in to not only attracting, but retaining the best talent
  • Degree level expectations are becoming a thing of the past. There is a huge pool of talent who could not afford to attend Higher Education. In fact - Ernst & Young abolished their A Level requirement for apprentices and now degrees for other positions - and have been praised for this very forward thinking move
  • Apprenticeships must be embraced and seen on par with degree level achievements
  • Structured ways to identify and nurture internal talent must be implemented - performance management processes are very important for employee engagement and motivation
  • More than two thirds of people aged between 18 and 31 would move jobs for reasons other than salary
  • 38% of people would leave their positions due to lack of development opportunities
  • Accessing passive talent should be a fundamental part of any HR strategy
  • There must be focus on content marketing and employer branding to elevate a business to an employer people want to work for
  • Utilising social media to promote the employer brand as well as find talent needs to be integrated in to a multi-channel approach
  • An estimated 13.5 million jobs will be created over the the next 10 years - during which time only 7 million people will enter the work force.
  • Over 30% of the UK workforce are aged over 50


It is increasingly popular for businesses to take back complete control of their entire recruitment process. This, coupled with the explosion of the use of mobile devices, social media and online job boards can create pressure on internal resources. Considering how to outsource some of the elements could help strengthen an in-house team and could add additional resources to alleviate pressure on any element of a direct sourcing strategy.