In-House teams vs Agencies

With the many requirements an in-house recruiter needs to look after, although agencies are seen as the enemy, it is sometimes good to take a leaf out of their books. Here are a few thoughts:

  • Do the in-house team spend quality time sourcing?
  • How long to in-house teams spend getting to know the hiring managers?
  • Do in -house teams spend a lot of time taking in depth briefs?
  • What internal processes are in place for setting up strong screening questions for initial contact?
  • How much internal resource is allocated towards managing the ATS/CRM effectively?
  • Agencies have expertise to manage all elements of the resourcing process
  • Outsourcing some parts of the recruitment process not only alleviates pressure on already stretched resources, it can streamline and improve the process and improve candidate experience

Agencies can become an extension of an in-house team, taking pressure off what are already stretched resources and adding focus in to areas that are both time consuming and could benefit from objectivity. Collaboration is key with the potential for two-way partnerships to yield excellent results.  

If you want to alleviate pressure on any element of your direct sourcing strategy, maybe just consider outsourcing some of the elements.