There is a boom in graduate roles, but what about filling them?

According to recent reports, the graduate job market is set to significantly grow this year. This is good news for graduates, however it does not come without challenges.

In 2013 there were 12 million graduates, however, reports at the time showed concerns over the job market they graduates at the time would face. 2014 saw a recovery in the graduate job market and 2016 looks to be even better with a growth of almost 12% in the number of graduate vacancies available.

However, this does not mean that finding the right talent for businesses is going to be an easy task. The worry over a widening skills gap has been a consistent theme in the media. There is on average 74.5 applications for every graduate post with an average turndown rate of 14.4% across all sectors. The IT and Telecommunications sector is under even more pressure.

With growth comes additional pressure on in-house resources. The need to attract talent and stand out in a competitive market, manage career pages and social profiles, target advertising and actively search for the best people to fill roles and ensuring each and every candidate receives excellent candidate care will be more important than ever!

Having the skills might within the team might not be an issue, but having the time to manage such a volume of applicants and candidates might be!