How to access a silent pool of talent just waiting to be found?

Do you ever consider how your company appeals to people who might not be active jobseekers or even why passive talent may be relevant to you? Here are some facts to consider:

There is a large pool of passive talent formed of potential candidates who are currently “happily” holding similar roles to the ones you are looking to fill.

38% of people would leave their positions due to lack of developmental opportunity.[1]

More than two thirds of people aged between 18 and 31 would move jobs for reasons other than salary.[2]

Over half of respondents in a large national survey want to work for a company with a family feel held together by loyalty and tradition. Only 26% of those would describe their employer in this way.[3]

[1] Payroll and Benefits Magazine, October 2014 [2] Payroll and Benefits Magazine, October 2014 [3] CIPD Employee Outlook Survey, May 2015

So what can you do to improve your direct sourcing strategy?:

  1. Identifying the right media for your role is crucial, especially when looking to attract passive talent. This will enable you to target the right candidate market for your role and to raise your profile to those candidates.
  2. With the ever-increasing importance of the Internet, a company career page is an important channel to present the right image to prospective employees. This can be highly impactful and engaging with employee testimonials or short video clips. Give potential employees a feel for the kind of company they would work for.
  3. Profile the senior leaders of your business and give people confidence in them. Even encourage them to use their Social Media profiles to share industry insights or company news.
  4. Introducing a live chat to your website or career page can give a channel to directly engage with prospective passive candidates.
  5. Use LinkedIn to maximum effect.  Target the right candidates with the right level of experience. Do not approach someone who has recently moved roles. Approach in a friendly unassuming way that is unique and bespoke. The key to success on LinkedIn is how you approach – especially if the candidate is not an active job seeker.
  6. Advert writing is key to attracting the right talent to your business. It should appeal to the candidates for that role and also represent your company culture.  Advert generation is not only fundamental to who will apply, but also re-enforce your company brand to that candidate base as a recognised employer of choice.
  7. Your existing employees are what make your company what it is. They can become brand ambassadors. Incentivise them to promote your company, share company news and any roles.  Encourage them to utilise their networks and on online platforms and Social Media profiles. A known referral is valuable and also more comfortable than an unknown entity.
  8. How you treat your candidates whether successful or unsuccessful tells a lot about you as an employer.  Be sure that they’ll tell their friends about their experience with you! Exceptional candidate care with an efficient time to hire is incredibly important.